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3/8″ Banding buckle, T type

3/8″ Banding buckle, T type
3/8″ Banding buckle, T type
3/8″ Banding buckle, T type
3/8″ Banding buckle, T type
3/8″ Banding buckle, T type
3/8″ Banding buckle, T type
3/8″ Banding buckle, T type
3/8″ Banding buckle, T type
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Tooth type banding buckle KL-10-T also called ear-lokt banding clip developed to applied with stainless steel straps and banding tool to secure materials together or fix industry fitting on aerial poles or towers. 

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Key Features

  1. Light weight, high mechanical strength
  2. Weather resistant, long period service life
  3. Suitable for 3/8”(10mm) width stainless steel strap
  4. Four stainless steel grades options
  5. Superior environmental stability
  6. Fair price
3/8″ Banding buckle, T type 3/8″ Banding buckle, T type


stainless steel tie buckle

Stainless steel tie buckle is made of stainless steel with different grades, 201, 202, 304, 316  and processed by punching manufacturing technology which is available in jera workshop.

Stainless steel banding solution are widely used in many industries due to its cost effective and environmental stability. Just like electrical line constructions, FTTx line constructions, marine, railway transportation mining, oil and gas etc.

Jera stainless steel band buckles are used high quality stainless steel which has better mechanical strength and rust resistant than other suppliers. Relating stainless steel bands and banding tools are available in our product group.

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stainless steel band buckles

Jera is operating according to ISO9001:2015, We apply European fundamental test standards, when inspecting the quality of our production operations. Our products were designed to be convenient for quick application. We insist on reinvesting in production and R&D no less than 70% of EBITDA, that allows us to satisfy customers from more than 40 countries – worldwide.

Jera is a direct manufacturer who supply a wide range products for low voltage line construction, our product includes low voltage anchor clamps, suspension clamps, tension brackets, ACCC guy grips, top and side tie, insulation piercing connectors, bolt mechanical lugs, shear head bolt cable connectors etc.

Feel free to contact us for more details for this strapping buckle price.

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