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ABC Cable Tension Clamp PA-425(25-50)

ABC Cable Tension Clamp PA-425(25-50)
ABC Cable Tension Clamp PA-425(25-50)
ABC Cable Tension Clamp PA-425(25-50)
ABC Cable Tension Clamp PA-425(25-50)
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Cable anchor clamp pa-425 other called electrical cable anchor clamp, designed to anchor self-supporting LV-ABC lines with 4 cores during power line constructions.

This bolted clamps is self-adjusting and it has two springs which keep the plastic insert in an open position. Only need to give proper tighten force to bolt and it will hold and clamp conductor very well.

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Key Features

  1. Appropriate for aluminum 4 cores ABC cables
  2. Confident design, with proven bolted tighten system.
  3. Springs provide the open space for easier cable adjustment
  4. High mechanical tensile strength
  5. Excellent environmental stability
  6. Fair price 
ABC Cable Tension Clamp PA-425(25-50) ABC Cable Tension Clamp PA-425(25-50)


anchor clamp PA-425

Analogs: NES-B3, SO274S, TC, GUKo1, GUKo2, HEL-5505, HEL-5506, RPA 425/50

Application areas: Outdoor electrical network connections up to 1 KV  

Power cable tension clamp PA-425 is made of high mechanical and climatic resistant insulating plastic and galvanized steel which will provide excellent mechanical strength and weather resistant.

Two galvanized steel tightening straps with associated bolts and nuts and pins.The clamp is spring loaded thus opening alone when screw untightened to easy conductor insertion. This anchor clamp and other relevant accessories to power line installation products are available either separately or together as assembly in jera product group.

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!tension clamp abc cable pa-425

Jera line is a confident factory who produce components for aerial ABC cable deployments. For cable branching, jointing, tapping and anchoring, products including LV ABC  tension clamps, suspension clamps, shear head bolt connector and lugs, piercing connectors.

All the assemblies are inspected in our interior laboratory which meet related standard for aerial power line standards. Jera line has introduced plenty of engineering know-how, to provide you with the ultimate in confidence when choosing our solution.

Welcome to send us your requirements, and we will offer you the most appropriate products for you!

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