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ABC Overhead Cable Connection, Branching

Jera has studied and developed a wide range of connectors and branching clamps for low voltage ABC (Aerial Bundled Conductors), used in overhead and underground electrical distribution systems, street lightning, buildings, transportation, substations. All the fittings can be applied in all electrical distribution networks from 0,4 to 1,2 KV.

We have the following types of tap connectors and branching clamps:
-Insulated cable piercing connectors
-Bare and insulation cable piercing connectors
-Parallel groove clamps

Jera offers reliable and competitive range of low voltage cable accessories of modern design and long life period. All the connectors conform to the standards of NFC 33020, CENELEC-50483-4.

Products are approved to be used with the following cable types of low voltage ABC (Aerial Bundled Conductors):
-LV-ABC lines with insulated neutral messenger
-Self-supporting LV-ABC lines
-LV-ABC lines with bare neutral messenger

Jera tap connectors and branching clamps are made of weather resistant polymer, aluminum alloy and stainless steel fittings. We do daily inspection during production which ensure our products can meet the requirements for LV ABC line.
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Bare cable piercing connector P2X-95N(16-120/4-35)


Bare cable piercing connector P2X-95N(16-120/4-35)

  • Application: copper and alum cables
  • Main line: 16 – 120 mm2
  • Branch line: 4- 35 mm2
  • Torque: 13 N

Mechanical shear head bolt lug, CLBIT-2-25-150


Mechanical shear head bolt lug, CLBIT-2-25-150

  • Application: copper and alum cables
  • Cable size: 25-150 mm2
  • Size bolt:16/17 mm
  • Bolts: 2

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