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  • 1. What area are you in?

    We are the factory, located in China, manufacture outdoor power cable products for:
    1.Overhead Low Voltage Power Cable Grids
    2.Overhead Medium Voltage Power Cable Grids
    3.Underground Cable’s Termination, Connection

  • 2. Are you the direct manufacturer?

    Yes, we are direct factory with years of experience.

  • 3. Where is your factory located?

    Jera Line’s factory located in China, Yuyao Ningbo, welcome to visit our factory.

  • 4. Why I should choose Jera Line?

    1. We have reliable quality, proven by 3rd party laboratories, and international standards.
    2. We have very competitive price.
    3. Our products were adjusted to work with each other to operate in a system.
    4. You will be granted by additional advantages(cost efficiency, application convenience, new product usage) by using these sets of products.
    5. We are committed to long term refashions based on trust.

  • 5. Why you can offer competitive prices?

    Because we the direct factory has competitive prices. 

  • 6. What' s your MOQ of new customers?

    Absence of MOQ criteria for first order.

  • 7. Why can you offer stable quality?

    Because we have quality system, find more details
    Laboratory Testing Scope – YUYAO JERA LINE CO.,LTD (jera-energy.com)

  • 8. What is your position – low pricing products, affordable price, and high price product?

    We stand in the area of affordable price together with complied to international quality standards products. Which will gave your advantage, durability of long term application. We do not produce low cost products because its non-acceptable for power cable, electricity area.

  • 9. What are the main products that you produce?

    1.Insulation piercing connectors
    2.Shear head bolted cable lugs and connectors
    3.Pre insulated cable lugs
    4.Stainless steel bandings
    5.Anchor and suspension clamps for OHL.
    Besides, we constantly developing new products.

  • 10. What's your trade term and payment terms?

    We accept FOB, CIF trade terms, and for payments we accept T/T, L/C at sight.

  • 11. Can you produce OEM orders?

    Yes, we can. Also we can customize packaging design, brand naming, etc. upon requirements.

  • 12. Can you offer me product’s Customization and R & D?

    Yes, we have RnD department, Molding department, and we consider customization, and introducing the changes to current products. All depends on your project requirement. Also can develop new product per your request.

  • 13. Can you provide free samples?

    Yes, we provide samples, which will same to the order.

  • 14. Will the quality of ordered products be the same to the sample what I have confirmed?

    Sure, the quality of order products is always the same to quality of samples that you’ve confirmed. 

  • 15. Where can I see yours’ products application?

    Visit our youtube channel. https:/www.youtube.com watch?V=DRPDnHbVJEM8t

  • 16. How to get in touch with you?

  • 17. Where can I download your latest catalog?

    Here you can do it: Download Catalog – YUYAO JERA LINE CO.,LTD (jera-energy.com)

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