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Our Advantages

1. Direct factory ISO 9001. Products’ quality is verified by 3rd party valid type test reports and local factory’s laboratory with wide testing scope.

2. Competitive prices, FOB, CIF.

3. Produce cable connectors, clamps for overhead low voltage cable’s deployment.

4. If you buy more products in set, additional discount and other benefits will be available, because of mass production effect.

5. Absence of MOQ criteria for first order.

6. After sales product guarantee and support.

7. The quality of order products is always the same to quality of samples that you’ve confirmed.

8. Negotiable R & D, product’s modification upon yours project requirements.

9. We develop new products, depending on market expectations, those will be available for you.

10. Available OEM orders (client packaging design, brand naming, etc.)

11. Customer care service, prompt feedback.

12. Years of production experience, design and products application.

13. Good reputation and maximum transparency with customers.

14. We are committed to achieve the long-term relationships and empower your business.

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