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Warehouse Facility


We Jera line have our own warehouse to hold Raw materials, Semi-finished product, Packaging material and Finished products, and it takes more than 1000 sqm. We manage the Raw-materials, Semi-finished product, Packaging material, and Finished products in particular areas through ERP system.

The warehouses have a high roof line for pallet racking and other storage and goods access or forklift carrying the goods in high shelves. Each area has the clear marking which list the item stored.

We record each products or material entry and exit information in ERP on the computer clearly so that it is easily for workers to check and management.

The warehouse helps to improve the efficiency of the production process, and we can provide more services to our clients.

Our Mission is to satisfy the market’s demands through the development of technology in related business sectors to the highest level by using innovations and own know how.

Our Vision is to achieve the possibility of suppling by manufacturing a comprehensive and reliable complex of products for construction of telecommunication networks.

Our key product range includes:

● Fiber optic FTTH and ADSS cables

● FTTH drop clamps, FTTH drop wire brackets.

● Fiber optic cable clamps and brackets for ADSS and Figure 8 messenger cables.

● Fiber optic termination boxes, FTB

● Fiber optic splice closures. FOSC

● Helical wire guy grips for ADSS and Figure 8 messenger cables.

● Related to passive optical network distribution fiber optic products, applied in FTTx network constructions.

Jera-fiber factory has capacity of 2500 square meters, has dozens of unit of equipment that are permanently expanding.

Jera factory is operating according to ISO 9001:2015, this allow us to sell to over 40 countries and regions such as Europe, CIS, South and North America, Middle East, Africa, and Asia.

Quality of Jera products is verifying with the collaboration of telecom utilities and 3rd party laboratories in order to satisfy the local market regulations and standards of our customers. We inspect all products in factory laboratory to satisfy the local requirements and national standards of our customers.

We hope to meet our customer needs with convenient design of products, fair price, confident quality, flexible OEM and prompt R&D service.

Each day we are improving our product range to achieve new challenges of global market.

Welcome to cooperate, our intention is committed to build reliable, long-term business relationships by fair price, comprehensive service and reliable products solution.

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