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Cable lug, CLB-IT-16-95

Cable lug, CLB-IT-16-95
Cable lug, CLB-IT-16-95
Cable lug, CLB-IT-16-95
Cable lug, CLB-IT-16-95
Cable lug, CLB-IT-16-95
Cable lug, CLB-IT-16-95
Cable lug, CLB-IT-16-95
Cable lug, CLB-IT-16-95
Cable lug, CLB-IT-16-95
Cable lug, CLB-IT-16-95
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Shear head mechanical lug,  CLBIT-16-95 either called shear head cable lug with shearing off driving head bolt, was designed to connect the aluminum or copper wire to the electric circuit under voltage up to 1 kV. Mechanical terminal lug applied in cable jointing.

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Key Features

  1. Wide application range
  2. Easy installation by hex key
  3. Compact design, requires little installation space
  4. Material: tin covered aluminum, guarantee long time usage
  5. Can be used with almost every type of conductor and material
  6. Torque-controlled shear-head bolts guarantee a good electrical contact
  7. Universal shape of input hole, suitable for solid and stranded cable
  8. Superior electrical stability
Cable lug, CLB-IT-16-95 Cable lug, CLB-IT-16-95


Shear off head bolt lug

Product analogs: aluminum mechanical lug excentric CLB-V-25-50

Aluminum cable lug is appropriate for aluminum or copper cables, stranded shaped, circular and solid cables with the cross section of cable 16-95mm2.The area of application is wide starting from overhead lines and finishing by buildings and under ground electrical distribution networks.

The material of this Shear-Head bolt Lug is high quality and strength aluminum, bolts can be made of brass which according to application requirements.

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Mechanical Terminal Lug

The installation of this mechanical terminal lug is very easy, does not require any compression tolls, all the needed tension torque achieved using simple hex key, which tighten the bolt. And the shear bolt will be sheared off when torque reached which will ensure the stale of electrical connection.

Jera is operating according to ISO9001:2015 standards, we have our own laboratory to do related tests for cable lug, tests including shear head torque test, dielectrical voltage tests, corrosion test etc.

Welcome to contact for more information of this shear head lug price.

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Technical specification

Product code

Cable diameter, mm2

Size bolt, M/ hex size

No. of bolts

Available bolt materials

Applicable cables





Aluminum uncoated, tin coated, brass

Copper, Aluminum



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