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Industry Solutions

Jera company offers reliable and competitive solutions for aerial electrical cable deployment.

We offer a wide range of product includes cable clamps, cable lugs, cable connectors, dead end grips, cable ties and other pole’s hardware which used in overhead and underground electrical distribution systems, street lightning, building, transportation, and substations.

Now Jera mainly provides two solutions for electrical line constructions:

-Low voltage power cable grids

-Preformed line products

-Solar electrical power facilities

Our products are verified in factory’s laboratory or 3rd party laboratory, by arranging following inspections: mechanical strength test, electrical aging test, corrosion resistant test, chemical content test, operation experience with temperatures ranging from -30℃ up to +70℃ test, climatic aging test etc. All of our components meet the criteria of key regional standards such as CENELEC(EN-50483), NFC 33-020, ROSSETI (CIS market).

We offer reliable and competitive range of cable accessories with modern design and long life period by implementing and advanced experience and know-how.

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