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ABC Cable End Cap MZ-95-300

ABC Cable End Cap MZ-95-300
ABC Cable End Cap MZ-95-300
ABC Cable End Cap MZ-95-300
ABC Cable End Cap MZ-95-300
ABC Cable End Cap MZ-95-300
ABC Cable End Cap MZ-95-300
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ABC cable end cap MZ-95-300, other called insulated end cap used to prevent the low voltage cable conductor system from short circuit in electrical distribution lines.

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Key features

  1. End cap simply pushes over insulated conductors during installation of cable
  2. Application area is insulated neutral cables from 95 to 300 mm2
  3. End caps conform to the standards NFC 33 041, CENELEC EN 50483-4
  4. Weather and UV resistant elastomeric polymer
  5. Competitive price
ABC Cable End Cap MZ-95-300 ABC Cable End Cap MZ-95-300


low voltage cable end cap

Analogs: MZ 25-150, CECT 6-35, CECT 16-150

The low voltage cable end cap is made of UV resistant elastomeric polymer processed by injection technology which is available in our workshops. We used the 1st grade materials to produce the cable insulated end cap to ensure the product quality. Which has longer service life compare to other suppliers.

Jera line is a direct factory who produce components for low voltage line constructions. Product including insulation piercing connectors, mechanical lugs, service clamps, pole brackets,stainless steel band etc. Polymeric end cap is a confident solution for aerial bundled conductors, guarantee insulation of contact.

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insulated end cap

Jera line is operating according to ISO9001:2015, we have our own inner laboratory to do test and daily inspection. Test including high and low temperature cycling test, UV resistant test, aging test, dielectrical voltage test in water. These tests make us have more confident in our product and ensure the quality for our clients.

We have a professional R & D team to do development. Each day we are improving our product range to achieve new challenges of global market. Jera line devote itself to provide the most conveniently and cost effective to our customers.

Feel free to contact us for more information about this ABC cable end cap price.

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Technical specification

Product code

Recommended cross section (mm2)



95 - 300

UV resistant elastomeric polymer



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