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Come along cable grip C-422

Come along cable grip C-422
Come along cable grip C-422
Come along cable grip C-422
Come along cable grip C-422
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Come along cable grip are used to temporarily pull tension on a cable or rope when you need more pulling force than can be done by hand. They can be temporarily clamped onto a cable at any point allowing the cable to be tensioned and fastened to another product for a permanent connection.

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Key Features

  1. Solid metal construction
  2. Galvanized steel material for long period usage
  3. Excellent environmental stability
  4. Fair price
Come along cable grip C-422 Come along cable grip C-422


Come along Cable grip C-422

Application areas: Outdoor fiber optic cable deployments

Come along is a tool that allows a user to pull and create tension on a wire rope. Tightening wire rope is used in many applications, including the implementation of wire fencing. Use of wire grip allows for any slack to be removed quickly and easily, and creates a more structurally sound build than manually tightening.

How to pull wires with come along wire grip

  1. Cable grips are mechanical devices that consist of a handle and a set of grooved and serrated jaws, that can easily be opened and then closed onto a length of cable.
  2. An eye on the cable grips handle serves as an attachment point for mechanical pulling devices such as a cable puller or lever hoist.
  3. As the cable grips handle is pulled, the jaws tighten around the cable and allow the cable to be temporarily, tensioned to the point at which the cable can be connected to a stationary, attachment point and then permanently fastened into place.

Jera is a direct manufacturer who supply a wide range product for low voltage line construction, our product includes low voltage tension clamps, suspension clamps, anchor brackets, stainless steel banding, dead end guy grips, insulation piercing connectors, bolt mechanical lugs, cable connectors etc.

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SUS 304 stainless steel band, 19×0.7
Distance Bracket, BIC 50.95
Perforated stainless steel band CHKO-GD-12.7*0.6-C304
Electrical cable strain clamp, PA-2200(95-120)
ABC Cable Tension Clamp PA-425(25-50)
ABC Suspension clamp ES-500(10-70)
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