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Insulated Holding Tool JTN-8

Insulated Holding Tool JTN-8
Insulated Holding Tool JTN-8
Insulated Holding Tool JTN-8
Insulated Holding Tool JTN-8
Insulated Holding Tool JTN-8
Insulated Holding Tool JTN-8
Insulated Holding Tool JTN-8
Insulated Holding Tool JTN-8
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Insulated holding tool JTN-8 also called insulated jointing tool designed as an aid for jointing of the MTT (Multi tap IPC connector) during branching of the four/six of insulated service electrical cables from main electrical cable. It can minimise any possible core twisting during shear head  torque tightening process.

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Key Features

  1. Simple structure, easy operating
  2. Applied with Jera MTT-4 or MTT-6
  3. Made of UV resistant thermoplastic, durable
  4. 10.5mm length handle, easy to take and use
  5. Application temperature - 30 °C up to +70 °C
  6. High mechanical strength
  7. Competitive price
Insulated Holding Tool JTN-8 Insulated Holding Tool JTN-8


IPC holding tool

Application areas:

  1. Electrical distribution networks
  2. Power cable joints and distribution boxes
  3. AC and DC photovoltaic networks.

Product analogs: JTN/8, JTN/9

This IPC holding tool is made of high strength UV resistant thermoplastic, the manufacturing process is injection technology which is available in Jera workshop. The overall body is insulating which will not cause electric shock during filed application.

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insulated jointing tool

Usually this insulation piercing connector holding tool is used with Multi-tap IPC MTT-4 or MTT-6, which make branching work more easier and safety with this jointing tool.

Jera line is operating according to ISO9001:2015, we have our own laboratory to proceed a series test accordance with European quality inspection standards. For the accessories of overhead installation we proceed Dielectrical voltage underwater test, UV temperature aging test, and corrosion aging test and etc.

Jera is a direct factory who supply a wide range product for low voltage line construction, our product includes low voltage tension clamps, suspension clamps, anchor brackets, stainless steel banding, dead end guy grips, insulation piercing connectors, bolt mechanical lugs, cable connectors etc.

Welcome to contact us for more information about Insulated holding tool price.

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Technical specification

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UV resistant thermoplastic



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