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Pre-insulated lug CPTA-70

Pre-insulated lug CPTA-70
Pre-insulated lug CPTA-70
Pre-insulated lug CPTA-70
Pre-insulated lug CPTA-70
Pre-insulated lug CPTA-70
Pre-insulated lug CPTA-70
Pre-insulated lug CPTA-70
Pre-insulated lug CPTA-70
Pre-insulated lug CPTA-70
Pre-insulated lug CPTA-70
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Pre-insulated lug CPTA 70 either called pre-insulated compression cable lug used to connect aerial bundled conductors(ABC) to electrical devices or equipment in low voltage electrical distribution line.

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Key Features

  • Conform to the standard such as EN 50483-4 , NFC 33-021,UL94
  • Work of electrical contact achieved by crimping process, when the specified sized cable was stripped and inserted up to the end of lug
  • Marked by letters and color cap according to application size
  • Suitable for cooper and aluminum cable
  • Competitive price of pre-insulated terminal lug
Pre-insulated lug CPTA-70 Pre-insulated lug CPTA-70


Pre-Insulated Lug price

Installation steps:

1. Choose the pre-insulated lug according to the cable size and lug’s marking.

2. Strip the insulation of cable on the length of insertion in the pre-insulated aluminum lug.

3. Plug the cable into lug, up to the end.

4. Crimp the lug with the special tool(E173), according to its size.

Their main advantage is that they don’t require additional insulation, as the insulation is already built-in. This eliminates the need for additional protection, making power distribution simpler and more efficient.

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pre-insulated compression cable lug

Jera line has its own inner laboratory to proceed a series test including Dielectrical test in water, UV and temperature aging test, Corrosion aging test, Ultimate tensile strength test, Shear head torque test, Mechanical Impact test, Low temperature assembly test, Electrical aging test, Galvanization thickness test, Material hardness test, Fire resistance test, Temperature and Humidity Cycling Test.

Jera line is operating according to ISO9001:2015, direct manufacturer who produces a range of components for aerial electrical line constructions, our product includes low voltage tension clamps, ACSR guy grips, insulation piercing connectors, cable lugs, mechanical cable connector etc.

Feel free to contact our sales team for more information about this Pre-Insulated Lug price.

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Technical specification

Product codes

Application size size, mm2

Length L, mm

Installation method

End cap color




Crimping, Tool E173




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