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Pigtail Hook Screw, PS-8

Pigtail Hook Screw, PS-8
Pigtail Hook Screw, PS-8
Pigtail Hook Screw, PS-8
Pigtail Hook Screw, PS-8
Pigtail Hook Screw, PS-8
Pigtail Hook Screw, PS-8
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Pigtail screw PS-8, either called pig tail hook is a pigtail shape screw installed on wooden poles or wooden surfaces as a hook to tension low voltage anchor bracket and ABC cable during electrical line constructions.

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Key Features

  1. Compact size
  2. Made of high quality galvanized steel
  3. Surface plating can be zinc, HDG etc
  4. Sharp thread allow easy install on wooden surface or building
  5. Corrosion and weather resistant
  6. Competitive price
Pigtail Hook Screw, PS-8 Pigtail Hook Screw, PS-8


pig tail hook

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Pigtail eye screw is made of high quality carbon steel, surface plating can be choose hot dip galvanized or cold galvanized upon requirements. Galvanized finish surface extend the service life during various weather conditions.

Pig tail eye bolt applied on main or end use electrical connections, up to 1KV on dead end or intermediate routes with tension or suspension clamps. To install the pigtail screw all you need is to secure it on the pole as a screw, and then attach an appropriate LV ABC clamp, helps to secure cable as tightly as possible to pole or wooden surface.

The packaging method of this pigtail screw is carton box, pallet packing is also available, please contact our sales for more details.

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!pigtail hook screw, ps-8

Jera Line has an on-site laboratory, which performs essential tests, in accordance with European quality inspection standards. For electrical power cable related products, they are mentioned in EN 50483-4, NFC 33020, and IEC 61238-1.

Our products were designed to be convenient for quick application, We insist on reinvesting in production and R&D no less than 70% of EBITDA, that allows us to satisfy customers from more than 30 countries – worldwide.

Jera Line is a direct factory, with many years of experience, we supply a wide range of products for aerial electrical line deployments. Welcome to contact us for more information about this pigtail hook screw price.

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Technical specification

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Galvanized steel




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