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Stainless steel buckle, KL-20-T

Stainless steel buckle, KL-20-T
Stainless steel buckle, KL-20-T
Stainless steel buckle, KL-20-T
Stainless steel buckle, KL-20-T
Stainless steel buckle, KL-20-T
Stainless steel buckle, KL-20-T
Stainless steel buckle, KL-20-T
Stainless steel buckle, KL-20-T
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3/4″ stainless steel buckle also called stainless steel ear lokt buckle used together with stainless steel band and banding tools as a fasten solution, widely used in many industries to fix materials together or attach hardware fittings on poles.

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Key Features

  1. High mechanical strength
  2. Stainless steel material, weather resistant
  3. Different material options are available
  4. Stable quality, long time usage
  5. Perfect environmental stability
  6. Competitive price
Stainless steel buckle, KL-20-T Stainless steel buckle, KL-20-T


stainless steel clips

Jera stainless steel banding buckle are made of different grades, 201, 202, 304, 316 are available upon requirements. Stainless steel buckles usually applied with stainless steel straps and banding tools which you can find in our product group.

Stainless steel clips and stainless steel band are widely used in electrical line and communication line constructions as well as in marine, railway, transportation, mining, oil and gas industries due to its cost effective and stability.

Jera line is operating according to ISO9001:2015, we have our own laboratory which performs a series tests for aerial electrical line deployments. Test includes UV and temperature aging test, Corrosion aging test, Ultimate tensile strength test, Electrical aging test,Galvanization thickness test, Material hardness test, Temperature and Humidity Cycling Test and etc.

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!stainless steel ear lokt buckle kl-20-t

We have introduced plenty of engineering know-how, to provide you with the ultimate in confidence when choosing our solution. Our products were designed to be convenient for quick application. We care about product quality and after-sales service which allow us to sell product to over 40 countries.

Jera Line is a direct factory, with many years of experience, we supply a wide range of products for aerial electrical line deployments. Product includes anchor clamps, suspension clamps, guy grips, IPC connectors, cable lugs and etc.

Feel free to contact us for more information about this stainless steel buckle price.

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Technical specification

Product code

Max band width




3/4” – 19.0mm





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