Competitive Price

Competitive Price

One of Jera Line advantage is Competitive Price, please find more information below:

Jera competitive price

Diverse technologies gathered by one factory facility 

Jera line has diverse technologies and fleet of relatively modern equipment for production of products, gathered in our solution for fiber optic, such as fiber cable manufacturing, injection molding, press forming, helical forming and etc. By this we can add the main value for the products production and make it very completive cost for you.

Location in China

Jera line located in Yuyao, Ningbo, China. As you know some raw materials made by Chinese suppliers are cheaper then outside the China. There is a highest density of factories which produce aluminum, plastic, stainless steel and other raw materials, that allows to give best price for final product, compared to other regions.

Materials integration and matching with the product’s application.

Jera line has strict raw material control, and together with our factory laboratory we can match the materials to products specifications, testing its performance, quick and easy quality control of raw materials, and integration in the product.

Organized production process

Jera line proceed to manufacturing process with automation equipment, and digital integration to achieve high production efficiency. Those save production and administrative cost reduced labor costs and increase the quality of products.

Durable products with guarantee

Jera line produce outdoor products made of reliable materials, which will not demand you to replace them. Also we help to pick up the best product for you from our product range, to cover your possible extra replacement costs as well. We do the testing of our products together in a family group to certify the complete usage.

New products save your budget

We do the research and design and always are looking for best solution in the market, materials and cost effective, which maybe be commercially successful.

Hidden costs cut

Our product range and service, can help you to cut your hidden costs, such as transportation of free volume in container, or long and unpleasant negotiations with suppliers. We train our team to archive the possible level and professionalism.


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